Cobo Wallet Becomes TRUE Committee Node

Cobo Wallet has officially become a well-known public chain TrueChain’s initial chain committee node. It will continue to promote the construction of the TrueChain community with rich on-chain governance and node operation experience, further enhance the participation of the TrueChain community, expand network performance and improve community consensus. Users can choose Cobo wallet nodes to participate in staking in the TRUE wallet.
Cobo is committed to building one-stop digital asset storage and management platform, designed to provide users with safe and reliable storage and payment environment. Cobo Wallet supports more than 40 mainstream digital assets, more than 900 tokens, and nearly 20 digital asset wallets for Staking products. As the industry’s leading digital asset management wallet, it can not only store assets for users safely, but also unique staking gain and other functions can also add value to users’ assets; currently, it has more than 1.5 million registered users and manages dozens 100 million US dollars of digital assets.

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Community Manager | Growth Hacker | Customer Success Manager

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Abhilash Atmaram

Abhilash Atmaram

Community Manager | Growth Hacker | Customer Success Manager

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