Product Technology & Community Progress Daily-April 18, 2020

Abhilash Atmaram
2 min readApr 18, 2020

Products and Technology Section:

TrueKey Service

Deploy keyservice

Add parsing any name keystore

Remove useless logs, add unlock success logs


Improvements to the trueprovider query balance interface have been published trueprovider;

Change some of the data that needs to be frequently inserted into the same table into batch operations, such as the insertion of pledge rewards, fruit rewards, fruit blocks, and update the modification logic;

Run historical transactions, including pledges, intra-contract transfer transactions, check that the amount of data inserted into the new table is consistent with the previous volume, and verify the logic for handling special transactions. Optimize the method of improving the running history trading;

Add fastBlock ToReward via snailNumber to get through snailNumber3j in trueweb3j;

truescan api lost routing issue modification is online

truescan balance splits available and pledged balances, users are clearer

Node docking:

1 Major exchange nodes docked

2 zb announced as true committee node and will soon launch coin mining services

3 Candyjungle announced as a true committee node and deposited 660,000 true

Market Community Section:

1 With OKEx’s stake matters preparation ok, waiting time confirmation

2 Bithumb stake review further communication confirmation, schedule time

3 Big Seafaring Plan 2.0 National Pledge Mining, Added Nearly 700,000 True Lock SiloS Mining

4 The match-up with several major institutions

5 Candyjungle announcement will suspend candy jungle, guide everyone to participate in stake

TrueChain (TRUE) is the world’s first public chain to achieve a fPoW + DPoS hybrid consensus, providing a high-performance and high-security public chain infrastructure for decentralized applications and asset circulation. Founded in October 2017, it was strategically invested by well-known capital angels in many industries such as ZB Group. So far, it has been reported by CCTV as an excellent public chain infrastructure case five times. Partners include the world’s top 500 Microsoft China and Amazon. Currency institutions such as Paxos and MakerDAO. On March 30, 2019, the main net was launched. TRUE has logged in more than 20 globally-known platforms including OKEx, Binance Dex, ZB, Bithumb, HitBTC, and BW.

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