Product Technology & Community Progress Daily-April 28, 2020

Abhilash Atmaram
1 min readApr 28, 2020

One main network module

TrueKey Service: Modify the derived path, add the dapp_id index, the account index, complete 100%

cli query returns all Dapp and sub-account information with index information, complete 100%

DB derived path optimization and rational adjustment

Truecollection code modification and consolidation

Trading testing and network parallel testing

Wallet optimized, remove phone number login and adjust language order

Candy Jungle officially off the shelves, full stake

Re-match truescan-related services and sites

Market Community Section:

1 At present, the Committee has 12 nodes, 182 pledge mining accounts, 8 million true

2 ZB for true deposit mining function officially opened, Mars and other industries media all-round follow-up

3 With Okex mine pool continues to follow the opening progress, waiting to open

4 Bithumb continuous about stake and making internal arrangements

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