Rules- Mining Order Public Test Lottery

Abhilash Atmaram
2 min readMar 27, 2020
  1. Subscription time: March 27, 3PM — March 29, 11:59:59PM (Singapore time)

Lottery time: 12:00 PM, March 30

Mining order time: 2 PM March 30th, 11:59:59PM March 31st

2. Total public testing supply: 700,000 TRUE

3. Subscription Requirements: Use TRUE tokens to subscribe, minimum subscription amount if 1,000 TRUE and you can only subscribe to multiples of 1,000 TRUE

Download TrueChain Wallet to participate:

TrueChain Wallet →Discover/Find →Beta Lottery

4. Winning rate: All participants have a chance to win, winners will be selected randomly in a lottery form. For every 1,000 TRUE, the greater the number of subscriptions, the greater the chance of winning.

5. Subscription results: After the subscription is ended, the system will count all eligible subscription winning numbers, conduct random draws, announce the number of subscriptions after the draw, and refund all subscription TRUE within 24 hours. The winning applicants can enter the pledge DAPP to participate in the pledge mining.

6. TRUE guarantees fairness to all participants and the winning rate is randomly selected.

7. The winning number in this round must participate in the pledge mining during the pledge mining round, and the participation qualification will be canceled after this round.

8. In order to ensure the fairness of all participants, TRUE reverses the right to freeze all cheating accounts.

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