TrueChain (TRUE) Weekly Report -April 20–April 26

Abhilash Atmaram
2 min readApr 28, 2020


One main network module

TrueKey Service

Modify the derived path, add the index of dapp_id and account;

the cli query returns all dapp and sub-account information with index information, add ips update;

DB removes the private key store, each boot according to the root keystore, derived path regenerate;

Format display, fix cli authentication failure nil


Scan truecollection code according to Ali coding protocol, modify part of non-standard code

Merge the code for the test branch of truecollection and the panda branch, and merge the final code;

The code is deployed to the formal environment testnet for testing;

Product section:

1, Candy jungle operation off the shelf, and clear the end of the funds

2, Truechain API online

3, True online wallet online

Market Community Section:

1 At present, the committee has 12 nodes, 179 pledge mining accounts, 8 million true

2 ZB exchange deposit coin mining function communication advance, waiting to open

3 With Okex mine pool continues to follow up the opening progress, waiting for cold sign-off

4 Bithumb continuous communication on the matter of stake, node negotiations

TrueChain (TRUE) is the world’s first public chain to achieve a fPoW + DPoS hybrid consensus, providing a high-performance and high-security public chain infrastructure for decentralized applications and asset circulation. Founded in October 2017, it was strategically invested by well-known capital angels in many industries such as ZB Group. So far, it has been reported by CCTV as an excellent public chain infrastructure case five times. Partners include the world’s top 500 Microsoft China and Amazon. Currency institutions such as Paxos and MakerDAO. On March 30, 2019, the main net was launched. TRUE has logged in more than 20 globally-known platforms including OKEx, Binance Dex, ZB, Bithumb, HitBTC, and BW.

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