TrueChain (TRUE) Weekly Report –November 2- November 8


-txRoot’s light nodes are validated for actual deployment

-The consensus mechanism is further optimized and the design is completed

-True wallet fixes known bugs, improves system stability and improves user experience

-True Wallet adds Dapp’s support for standard web3 interfaces

-Research and commissioning of the TrueChain-based ERC721 standard is complete

TrueChain (TRUE) is the world’s first public chain to achieve a fPoW + DPoS hybrid consensus, providing a high-performance and high-security public chain infrastructure for decentralized applications and asset circulation. Founded in October 2017, it was strategically invested by well-known capital angels in many industries such as ZB Group. So far, it has been reported by CCTV as an excellent public chain infrastructure case five times. Partners include the world’s top 500 Microsoft China and Amazon. Currency institutions such as Paxos and MakerDAO. On March 30, 2019, the main net was launched. TRUE has logged in more than 20 globally-known platforms including OKEx, Binance Dex, ZB, Bithumb, HitBTC, and BW.

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Community Manager | Growth Hacker | Customer Success Manager

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Abhilash Atmaram

Abhilash Atmaram

Community Manager | Growth Hacker | Customer Success Manager

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