TrueChain Weekly 2019.12.16–12.22

Abhilash Atmaram
1 min readDec 28, 2019

Product Technology Progress

1. Optimize the status update process during contract execution and improve contract execution efficiency;
2. System native contract development, the abstract committee encourages some functions to facilitate external contract calls;
3. Fix the bug that some fast block signature verification fails during full synchronization;
4. Investigate and develop new product functions and development directions, and plan product routes and development paths in 2020;
5. Wallet upgrade is completed to support access to more countries and usage habits;

Market and Ecological Progress

  1. TrueChain’s Christmas Christmas event opens to welcome Western Christmas.
    2. The details of the collaboration between TrueChain and OKex New Year Event [Chinese + Overseas] will be launched soon.
    3. Chinese community VIP group New Year welfare package is under preparation.
    4. The candy jungle continues, and we welcome your participation

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