TrueChain Weekly 2019.12.09–12.15

Abhilash Atmaram
2 min readDec 19, 2019

The vision of TrueChain is to create a fair and transparent business world through the power of blockchain. We firmly believe that TrueChain technologies will reshape the business world, and TrueChain will live up to our supporters’ expectations. We will uphold our motto that “we will drive forward through our guiding principles that lay at the foundation of who we are.” Our mission is to continue to strive for excellence in all that we do.

The TrueChain Mainnet is officially launched!
TrueChain is committed to be the next generation of blockchain infrastructure. It is the world’s first public chain that implemented fPow+ PBFT hybrid consensus and has a strong global open source developer community supporting it. TrueChain provides the underlying public blockchain infrastructure with high performance, security for decentralized application (DApp) and global asset transaction.
We’d like to share the progress of 2019.12.9–12.15 with the TRUE fans.

Product Technology Progress

1. Wasm virtual machine development, adding more precompiled instructions to facilitate the subsequent cross chain support with other chains
2. System native contract development, abstracting some functions of committee election, convenient for external contract call
3. Update abigen to generate ABI for contract calling
4. Improve the functions of the development platform, and focus on improving the user identity authentication process this week
5. Improve the stability of the blockchain browser and make many node data backups
6. Discuss the 2020 technical plan and framework with the industry

Market and Ecological Progress

1. Truechain was selected as one of the top ten public chains of blockchain technology team in 2019.
On December 14, under the guidance of the Fifth Institute of electronics of the Ministry of industry and information technology, the “in chain global blockchain summit” hosted by the inter chain pulse was held in Beijing. Truechain (true) was selected as the top ten blockchain technology teams in 2019
2.Truechain landed in Indonesia for the first time:
Indonesia Jakarta :blockchain 2020 Southeast Asia Summit . more than 300 people attended the event. Guests from Indonesia, block technology, bhex and truechain gathered to discuss the industry development. This is the first time that truechain landed in Indonesia. The local community ambassador was invited to attend the meeting, and the local Ambassador attended the meeting Discussion and exchange. On the spot, local government personnel attended the interpretation and the elites in the industry discussed together.
3. The candy jungle continues. Welcome to participate.



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