TrueChain Yearly Report 2019

Abhilash Atmaram
2 min readJan 1, 2020

TrueChain wishes all its followers a Happy & Prosperous New Year 2020

Two-year-old TrueChain is becoming a global-level blockchain infrastructure. Here are a few achievements we accomplished in the past year in numbers

1 Mainnet launch

1 University Cooperation

2 mainstream chains cross-chain

1 Binance Dex listing

1 award-winning team

2 major stable coin cooperations

2 Fortune 500 companies

2 CCTV case reports

2 big sailing and star plans

1200 overseas user conferences

1214816 times participating in the candy jungle

12370788 times Mainnet transfer transactions

2020 TRUE will be Wonderful!

In 2020, we boldly predict and will try to complete our goals

1. Mixed consensus upgrades and optimizations to encourage more miners to participate in the consensus
2. TrueBridge upgrade and reconstruction, support more public chains and tokens
3. TrueScan upgrade and refactoring to support more transaction details
4. TrueVM adds WASM-based virtual machines to support more contract languages
5. TPS reaches 10000
6. TRUE users exceeded 300,000, adding no less than 10 DApps
Wallet increased to 10 mainstream languages, international global community strengthened
7. TRUE oversees implementation of “TRUE purchase payment merchant services”

The future TRUE will show the value of the edge, and work hard to move forward

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